Serguei Ruban: We Are Ready To Start

Mon, 05/05/2014 - 15:12

The sprinters of Minsk Cycling Club will take part at the Polish Cup that will be hosted by BGŻ Arena in Pruszkow on April 16-18, 2014. We spoke with the coach Serguei Ruban about preparation, goals and plans for the nearest future.

- Are you satisfied with preparation for the first star?
- Generally, I’m satisfied. The riders are ready to start. They have good physical conditions. The only thing that interfered a little with our plans was weather. The transition from winter to spring - the most dangerous period for athletes. As soon as we start training outside, on the road, health problems, colds are right there. Spring weather is treacherous. I think it was the most negative moment of the preparation period.
And don’t forget that the riders didn’t take part in competitions for more than six months. They only competed with each other in training. I hope that this tournament in Poland will encourage the guys and the training camp in Spain will bring them on a positive wave, like it was last year. We want the team to reach peak form for the European Championships.

- In what event do you expect better results in Poland?
- This is not a race where you have to focus on details. First of all, the guys have to feel opponent, to catch courage. I do believe that it is wrong to target the rider on a concrete result. Athlete should get pleasure from the race. And if he manages to do it, the result will be there. I think if the guys switch from difficult trainings to the upcoming race and recover, they will perform successfully.
I would like as well to watch our girls who participated only in two races last year. It will be interesting to see their reaction and psychological state in competition with representatives of other countries.

- After Polish Cup you have a training camp in Spain. Why you chose this country?
- I have been in Spain many times. I like very much this quiet country, its climate. We go to the Granada region, known by its National park and mountains up to 3000 m. Cycling teams like BMC, Grand Tour races winners have training camps there. As I know, Australian rider Evans, 2011 Tour de France winner, comes there for preparation.
We will be based in a place located at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level. The midlands, close to the lower limit, which will allow the body to make the base for the future, for the upcoming European Championships.
Moreover, during this visit to Spain we are going to agree on the details of the next training camp, which is scheduled in June, closer to the European Championships. We need to establish contacts and reach agreement with the track in Valencia so that next summer we could focus only on the preparation for the important event.